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PCSB Students Travel to Shanghai and Beijing for Maymester Experience

ChinaIn our increasingly connected world, business professionals regularly interact with partners and teams across the globe. With the click of a mouse or push of a button, business people can conduct day-to-day operations with anyone, whether they are here in the United States or as far as Asia.

China study abroad

As always, the PCSB remains ahead of the curve and keeps its students prepared for a globally connected business world. At the end of May, Assistant Dean Dr. Jacqueline Elcik and nine PCSB students journeyed to Shanghai and Beijing as part of a 16 day-long Maymester course. The students began their Maymester class on May 15 with a week here on campus in a traditional classroom setting. The class, Organizational Behavior, fulfilled the diversity proficiency and was geared toward helping students understand organizational structure and culture in other countries, with the focus on China in particular.

Students meet with Chinese students

After students completed a week in the United States, the group boarded a flight to Shanghai to experience Chinese culture firsthand. While in Shanghai, students had the opportunity to interact with other Chinese students during a mixer, toured the Nanjing River, visited Coca-Cola, saw the World Financial Center, and much more. Each day included lectures, tours and site visits, all geared toward helping students experience a different culture and see how business norms differ from country to country. In addition to structured daily activities, students were allotted free time to truly immerse themselves in the Chinese culture.

China study abroadOn May 27, the group boarded a high speed rail to Beijing and prepared for the second half of their adventure. Students had the opportunity to see companies including Digital China and Boloni. They were also treated to an acrobatic show, a day trip to the Great Wall of China, and a tour of the Temple of Heaven. On May 31st, the group concluded their trip and boarded a plane home to the United States, equipped with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and stories to tell friends and family.

While in China, students met their Maymester goal of developing an appreciation of the differences across cultures. The group gained valuable information and insight from both the PTL group and expats about working with cultural differences in China. Jennifer Wilson ’20 had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the trip. She says,

“The Maymester experience in China was incredible. It was eye-opening to see Chinese culture and business from a different lens, allowing me to let go of preconceived notions and embrace a unique way or life…The world seems bigger now than ever, and I am excited to expand my view on the world in the future.”

China study abroadFor more information about the international experiences offered by the PC MBA Program, visit our Go Global web page!