Cross-Departmental Collaboration Encouraged with PC’s “Speed Dating” Event

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Dr. Dan Horne, associate dean of the School of Business, and Dr. Joan Branham, associate dean of the School of Arts & Sciences at Providence College

Professors of different disciplines at Providence College can take advantage of a unique opportunity to get to know each other better — and, possibly, to collaborate on new courses, such as a colloquium on “Rational and Non-Rational Persuasion” taught by a philosopher, a neurobiologist, and a marketer.

School of Business Associate Dean and Marketing Professor Dr. Dan Horne, and Associate Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences Dr. Joan Branham recently held a “Speed Dating” event at PC where faculty from across academic fields could meet to explore teaching courses together.

Horne described the “speed dating” style of event: “This exercise is all about harnessing the creative energy of different points of view. A greater diversity of perspectives does mean that it might be more challenging to find that match; hence the need for speed. However, the search itself is part of the reward.”

Read the full story and interview from the Providence Business News here.

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Posted by: | Posted on: June 28, 2017 |Comments (0)