Meet The Benjamin Family Social Media Fellows

The Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship fellows.

Interested in applying for The Benjamin Family Social Media Fellowship for next year? Here’s what the fellows have to say about their roles!

Chief Content Officer

Lauren Brodeur ’17


The Chief Content Officer is responsible for initiating communication between the fellows. I schedule and organize group meetings and also ensure that assigned tasks are being completed. I also monitor and analyze the online social presence of our competitors and will be heavily involved with recruiting fellows for next year.


Casey Clark ’17

English, Business Studies Certificate

As the Editor of the fellowship I mainly make sure each post, article, or blog that we publish is error free in terms of AP style. I also keep track of our blog inventory, keep our content calendar updated, and conduct SEO/Keyword research. Being the Editor is an interesting role as it allows me to work with each member of the group in a unique way. From helping with creative to making up captions for our posts, the editor has a versatile role that requires a detail oriented and organized individual.

Community Manager

Carolina Lima ’18

Marketing, Finance Minor

My role creates a more personal feel to the social media account. This role is the one who responds to and interacts with stakeholders. I also keep up with online trends while monitoring and listening to conversations. The Community Manager makes the stakeholder feel like they are actually talking to someone, not a computer. In addition to this, I take note of relevant hashtags being used and who exactly our audience is to create a voice that will reach those people on each platform. Creating content and editing content is also part of this role.


Frank Conguista ’17


As the Analyst, I run the analysis of social media marketing metrics, such as engagement, impressions, and engagement rates through Excel. We use this analysis to measure goals and report on them in our weekly meetings. The Analyst needs to know how to translate numerical data in order to provide recommendations for revising social media campaigns and creating new posts that will be successful. Through looking at the data, I can make recommendations on what kind of posts work on each platform and which ones we should try to stay away from or revise.

Brand Journalist

Evan Daigle ’17

Studio Art

My role in the fellowship is to edit photos and graphics before they are posted. In addition to this, I work on creating content, such as photos, infographics, and videos. I work with all of the other fellows to create content and captions of our posts. Most of the work I do is based in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.



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