PC Celebrates 100 Years

These are images capturing Providence College's 100 years of history rooted in the Catholic and Dominican liberal arts tradition.
A centennial numerically marks a 100-year anniversary, but year-round centennial celebrations at Providence College suggest that it symbolizes much more than that.

This academic year, PC celebrates not only 100 years since its incorporation but also 100 years of dedication to its mission. Founded in 1917, Providence College committed itself to offering higher education, fostering community, and serving others within the Catholic, Dominican, and liberal arts tradition, a commitment which has withstood the test of time.

To celebrate what these 100 years represent to the College, centennial programming is scheduled throughout the year. Upcoming programs include guest speakers and lecturers, forums, conferences, symposiums, and both on- and off-campus gatherings.

This year’s St. Dominic Weekend, held September 30 to October 1, featured two full days of such programming. Academic sessions, alumni receptions, and the concluding “Celebration of the Century” event all reflected back on the past and looked forward to the College’s next 100 years.

Here at the School of Business, we hosted similar celebrations during St. Dominic Weekend. While the groundbreaking of the first Business Administration Department building, Antoninus and Moore Hall, occurred in 1946, we celebrated the campus transformations occurring during this centennial year by offering alumni building tours of the new Arthur and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies. Additionally, we welcomed 18 of our Business Advisory Council members to campus to share with them recent PCSB news as well as discuss the future of the School of Business.

This hard hat key chain symbolizes the construction of the new Ryan Center for Business Studies at Providence College.
The centennial year is an exciting one for the PCSB, with our new business school building scheduled to open in January 2017 (Photo credit: Evan Daigle).
Providence College alumni take a tour of the new Ryan Center for Business Studies during St. Dominic Weekend 2016.
Alumni toured the inside of the Arthur and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies (Photo Credit: Evan Daigle).
Dean Sylvia Maxfield speaks to Business Advisory Council members during St. Dominic Weekend 2016.
Dr. Sylvia Maxfield, Dean of the School of Business, speaks to the 18 Business Advisory Council members who traveled to campus for the council’s annual St. Dominic Weekend meeting (Photo Credit: Evan Daigle).