The Benefits of Being a PCSB Student

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When it comes to educating its School of Business students, Providence College, according to a recent article published in The Washington Post, seems to offer just the right mix of pre-professional and liberal arts classes to launch PCSB graduates on a path to success. The article, co-written by two business school deans at Lehigh University, touts the benefits of integrating a liberal arts education with a business education.

Perhaps the most prominent display of this holistic education offered to PCSB students shines through the College’s Development of Western Civilization (DWC) Program. Regardless of discipline, students are required to successfully complete four semesters of DWC. The option to enroll in colloquiums instructed by faculty members from across departments, including the School of Business, during the last semester of the program can challenge students’ critical thinking and analytical skills in a business context.

The PCSB recently re-demonstrated its commitment to the liberal arts through construction of the new Arthur F. and Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies. The open atrium will serve as a campus hub for students of all majors to congregate and innovate, create, and learn together. Moreover, the MBA Program introduced its first abroad experience for students last spring break through a course conducted in Paris, France, with a trip to Milan, Italy scheduled for this coming March.

According to the article, business students enrolled in a liberal arts curriculum develop the tools needed not only to “contribute to economic bottom lines” but also to “tackle big questions, contribute to society, and lead fulfilling lives.” To learn more about the advantages of being a business student at a liberal arts institution, click here.

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