Alumni React to Gus Coté’s Gift to the Business School

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Gus Cote with a student

Gus Coté ’62 Hon. with a student

Gus Coté’s generous gift to PCSB earlier this week has spurred an outpouring of fond memories and words of admiration from his former students and mentees.  Gus, who retired in 1989, spent 35 years with the School of Business and is remembered as one of the school’s most beloved professors.  We’ve compiled some of the messages of gratitude below:

“Gus is truly a good and humble man as well as a very gifted teacher.  I had the honor of being one of his students during my four years at PC.  He taught with feeling, intensity and the openly evident desire to impart to his students all the knowledge he possibly could.  My best to you, Gus.” —George T Rocchio, ’58

“Took Professor Cote’s advice my freshmen year, 1967, and got out of business and went into Education program.  Best advice I took and was able to stay at PC for 4 years .  Always remember Professor Cote saying, “Sign out of the course and I will pass you first semester .”  Thank you Gus.” —Rich Pumple- ’71

“Gus taught me how to count. Great teacher and a great man. Because he was able to teach me and facilitate my graduation in 1965, he was made a full professor in that year!” —Jack Sullivan ‘65

“He was my best teacher. I remember more of what he taught me in 1961, than any other.” —Kenneth Greenberg ’62

“Thank you, Mr. Cote, for your gift to PC. You always had the best interests of your students. May God continue to BLESS YOU. I thank you for the years you taught me in the accounting and tax courses.” —George Brown Jr. ‘59

“I knew Gus back in 1952-53 when he was young. Always a nice man.” —Arthur Alcarez ’53

“Gus is one of those people we all remember well and fondly and recall those Wednesday afternoon 3 hour accounting labs. What an outstanding gift from an outstanding person! Please be sure to pass on our best wishes to him because I am confident you will get many notes like this from many who benefited from Gus’ guidance.” —Michael Turillo Jr. ‘69

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One thought on “Alumni React to Gus Coté’s Gift to the Business School

  1. Ted Di Stefano, Class of '59 says:

    Professor Cote was the best college professor that I ever had. He was truly inspirational and made accounting fun and exciting. His teaching skills were unsurpassed. He was an extremely inspirational and ethical man. I was lucky to have him as my professor.

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