Meet PCSB: Associate Professor of Accountancy Matthew Keane

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Matthew Keane

Matthew Keane

Name: Matthew Keane

Title: Associate Professor & Assistant Department Chair of Accountancy

Job description: I have at least 12 part-time jobs that immediately come to mind. Part-time lecturer, part-time advisor, part-time researcher, part-time life coach, part-time student, part-time administrative assistant, part-time fund-raiser, part-time recruiter, part-time counselor, part-time author, part-time club advisor, part-time copier repair man.

Education: B.S. in Accountancy from Providence College in ’01 and PhD in Accounting from Syracuse University in ’09.

Years at PC: This is my 7th year as a faculty member, but 11th if you count my undergrad experience.

Areas of Expertise: I don’t claim to be an expert of anything, but I strive to have knowledge on a lot of matters.  My research interests cover both auditing and capital markets, but my depth of knowledge is probably greater when it comes to random baseball statistics or Seinfeld trivia.

Classes I’ve taught at PC: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Introduction to the Accounting Profession and Auditing at the Undergraduate level and Introduction to Accounting Concepts, Accounting & Decision-Making in Organizations and Advanced & IT Auditing at the MBA level.

Favorite part of my job: Helping students achieve a small portion of their boundless potential.

Something every accounting student should know: It’s alright to ask questions. Chances are, when you have a question, someone else in the room has a similar question, so it benefits everyone.

First job out of college: Auditing staff at the Providence office of Ernst & Young.

Interests outside of work: Playing golf, attending concerts and NY Giants and PC basketball games (season ticket holder of both), watching the Yankees, travelling across the world with my fiancée and working in my yard.

Surprising fact about me: I earned enough painting credits as an undergrad at PC that I could have been an art minor, although I never filed the paperwork.  My paintings were exhibited in museums in Syracuse and Albany when I was a high school student.

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