Meet PCSB: Marketing Practitioner Jim Scott

Jim Scott
Jim Scott

Name: Jim Scott

Title: practitioner faculty in marketing

Job description: I see my main objective as helping students understand the basics of marketing using both current business examples and my personal business experiences.

Years at PC: still in my first full year

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Marketing

Areas of expertise: teaching marketing, consulting in marketing / packaging development, and expert witness in packaging litigation

Classes taught: MKT 205 – Principles of Marketing

Favorite part of my job: being able to show students how their personal interests and passions can be channeled into a potential career in marketing

Favorite memory at PC: all the support I received last spring as a new faculty member from the terrific PCSB faculty and staff

Greatest professional accomplishment: I personally led a major multi-year program at Nabisco commercializing the snack industry’s first Stand-Up Reclosable Pouch.

Something every marketing student should know: With the right education, hard work, and creative ideas, you can make a positive difference in the world.

First job out of college: mechanical engineer in the packaging industry

How I transitioned into marketing: I don’t feel that I ever formally switched from engineering to marketing. My first position was definitely one where I applied my engineering degree almost exclusively. However, after that, as I moved into leadership roles, I was frequently explaining packaging issues and opportunities to marketing executives.  That led to my leading package development groups and being part of marketing product development teams.  My marketing MBA, therefore, became more and more valuable.

Interests outside of work: running, photography, and foreign travel

Surprising fact about me: I’m a member of the Bat Conservation Society whose objective is protecting these valuable creatures.

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