Meet PCSB: Assistant Professor of Accountancy Peg Ruggieri

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Margaret (Peg) Ruggieri

Margaret (Peg) Ruggieri

Title: Assistant Professor of Accountancy

Job description: As a faculty member, I have three primary responsibilities: teaching, service, and intellectual contributions. Teaching involves working with students inside and outside the classroom. Most courses are three-credit courses, so I spend three hours in the classroom each week with each class. In addition, I meet with students outside of class during my office hours to help students better understand the course material. I also spend time advising students. I have both accounting major advisees as well as undeclared students (students who have not yet declared a major and/or want to change their major). We meet to discuss their academic plans of study as well as their future career/life plans. My second responsibility is service, which involves Accountancy Department responsibilities (For example, I was the Accounting Association student organization advisor for many years.), PCSB committee work (member of the PCSB Building Committee), College committee work (member of the Academic Advising Committee, CTE Advisory Board and the Instructional Facilities Advisory Committee), professional organizations (vice president of the Rhode Island Association of Accounting Professors), and community service (member of the Bishop’s Finance Council and St. Luke’s Parish Finance Committee). Intellectual contributions involves scholarly work. I am most interested in pedagogical research in the area of student learning and effective teaching practices. I have also researched in the area of financial reporting.

Years at PC: I have been at PC for a total of 22 years: 20 years as a faculty member and two years as dean of academic advising and director of the Undeclared Advising Program.

Your education: BS in Accounting and Computer Science, Boston College, 1978; Master in Taxation, Bryant University 1986; CPA, 1981

Classes you’ve taught: Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Intro to the Accounting Profession, DWC Colloquium: Workplace Culture & Womanhood

Favorite part of your job: Working with students, including teaching and mentoring students

Favorite memory at PC: I have many great memories of my years at PC but the most exciting and proudest moment was being in NYC watching 5 PC students win the national PwC xACT case competition. Watching the students make a near flawless presentation to a group of professional executives was incredible.

Greatest professional accomplishment: I believe my greatest accomplishment during my years at PC has been my working with students and helping them; whether helping them understand a difficult concept in class and /or helping them with their future life plans. It is incredibly rewarding when you hear from a student years later who thanks you for what you did. Looking in the rearview mirror, teaching in the DWC program the past two years required an incredible amount of work and collaboration with my teaching partner, History Professor Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi but was very fulfilling. Many students provided positive feedback about the class including a recent comment from a student from last year’s class who wrote “a year later this is still one of my favorite classes that I have taken at PC and this class has left the greatest impact on me.”

Something every student should know: Study what you love, what you are interested in. You don’t have to major in business to work in business. If you love history, major in history; if you love art, major in art; if you love business courses, major in business. If you major in something you are passionate about, you will enjoy your education and will do well, which is important in getting your first job or admittance to graduate school. Remember, with every major, you are learning transferable skills (critical thinking and analysis, communication skills, etc.) that are critical skills to success in any job. Job shadow and intern as much as possible — Why? To help you figure out what you want to do and, more importantly, what you don’t want to do in the future.

First job out of college: Working as a staff accountant at Ernst & Young, CPA firm.

Interests outside of work: Decorating on a dime and design, whether it be interior or exterior (gardening); spending time with family (four children including twins); staying active through exercise; quilting

Surprising fact about you: I taught financial accounting in Saudi Arabia; I have completed one marathon and several sprint triathlons.

Ruggieri wrapped up her final semester as a full-time faculty member this spring.

Ruggieri wrapped up her final semester as a full-time faculty member this spring.

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2 thoughts on “Meet PCSB: Assistant Professor of Accountancy Peg Ruggieri

  1. Mike English says:

    There were times I really struggled in her class, but she was always there to help. She told me if I ever passed the CFA exam I would be happy I took her class. Today I passed level 1 because of what she taught me. Thank you professor Ruggieri, I hope you get this.

    Mike English

  2. Peg Ruggieri says:

    Congratulations on passing Level 1 of the CFA exam! I am glad your hard work at PC paid off. Don’t throw away those accounting notes just yet since I think they may come in handy when studying for the Level II exam:) Best of luck as you continue to pursue your CFA. Al my best, Peg Ruggieri

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