Dean Sylvia Maxfield: Does Accreditation Spur Innovation?

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Dean Sylvia Maxfield

Sylvia Maxfield

In the November/December 2014 BizEd issue, Dean Sylvia Maxfield raises the topic of business school accreditation as it relates to innovation in a “Your Turn” piece on Page 66.

“As costs for higher education skyrocket and enrollments in graduate-level business programs level off, business schools face an urgent need to remake themselves,” she writes. “They must consider not just devising alternative delivery formats, but also revamping cost structures, staffing systems, and other traditional aspects of the existing business model that make education almost unaffordable. In so doing, they could lead the way for change throughout higher education.”

Read the whole piece in BizEd’s digital edition on Page 66.

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Posted by: | Posted on: November 6, 2014 |Comments (0)