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Providence College Magazine’s October issue, which has been lovingly dubbed “the foodie issue,” is here, and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into all of the new stories. Most features in this issue revolve around food: Father Kenneth Sicard’s specialty dinners are auctioned for up to $20,000 at Night in Black & White; Patrick McNiff ’96 raises free-range animals; Marybeth Boller ’86 is an elite executive chef at BG in New York City; the Friar family’s food connections are many.

But here at the PCSB, we’ve bookmarked a few stories about our immediate family: the faculty, students, and alumni of the School of Business. The following are our picks from this issue:

Thanks to her, women in R.I. know their options for breast-cancer screening: After a surprising diagnosis of invasive breast cancer in 2013, accountancy faculty member Ann Kelley ’78 learned that, like an estimated 40 percent of women, she has “dense” breast tissue, which makes tumors more difficult to detect with mammograms.

Kelley went to battle. It wasn’t just a fight against cancer. It was a crusade to make sure other women would never be caught unaware, as she had been. She got to work on a breast cancer notification law for Rhode Island.

Read the rest of the story here.

Holy Cannoli! Valerie Bono ’01, who majored in management and played ice hockey at PC, is the second-generation owner of Golden Cannoli Shells in Chelsea, Mass., the nation’s largest cannoli company.

“If it’s a bakery, coffee shop, restaurant, club store, supermarket, or food cart, if they have cannoli shells, 99 percent of the time we make the shell and the filling that goes into it,” Bono said.

Read the rest of the story here.

Friar skaters eager for return of cancer-stricken teammate: The initial feelings of shock and gloom in the dorm room were overpowered by a fraternal feeling of resolve the night in April when Providence College men’s ice hockey forward and marketing major Drew Brown ’15 told the team he was leaving campus to battle a serious health issue.

Read the rest of the story here.

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