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Providence College offers students the opportunity to participate in more than 100 active clubs and organizations that focus on social, multicultural, political, professional, educational, athletic, community service, and wellness issues. Highlighted below is a list of student clubs & organizations tied directly to the Providence College School of Business for the 2014-2015 school year. For more information about these specific organizations, contact the representatives listed under the corresponding descriptions.

  • The Future Friars Executive (FFE) Board works directly with the School of Business Dean’s Office to manage the Student Advisory Board, comprised of student leaders representing the eight business clubs and organizations. The FFE facilitates collaboration between clubs, and provides input on strategic and current initiatives within the School of Business. In addition, the board is responsible for coordinating business school-wide events throughout the academic year. Contact Madeleine Romeu for more information.
  • The PCSB Student Mentor Program’s mission is to give back to the Friar Family and help underclassman business majors through their academic and social transition while promoting Providence College’s core values of enhancing academic excellence, building lifelong relationships, and increasing overall institutional effectiveness. The ultimate goal of the PCSB/FFE Undergraduate Mentor Program is to provide peer-to-peer support for new business majors. Contact Kevin T. Markus for more information.
  • The Providence College Accounting Association is a pre-professional student organization, dedicated to preparing students for careers in accounting through networking opportunities with major firms on campus. Our goal is to enable students to build a network among both professionals and other Providence College accounting students that will last them their entire career. The Accounting Association’s events are mainly educational, to inform students about the expectations of major firms, as well as leadership, internship, and full-time opportunities in the field. Contact Megan Cavazuti for more information.
  • The American Marketing Association (AMA) is an international organization of 30,000 professionals and students who share a common passion for the field of marketing. The PC chapter offers members the opportunity to build connections with alumni and other marketers, participate in off-campus trips, and expand their marketing IQ by putting classroom learning into practice. The ultimate vision of the club is to assist passionate students on their journey to become successful Friars in the ever-changing business world. Contact Chris Wasilewski for more information.
  • PC Lifestyle & Fashion is a student organization focused on creating awareness of fashion, food, athletics, activities and events within the Rhode Island area. PC Lifestyle & Fashion members are provided with hands-on experience in each field that can eventually be transferred to the workplace. Members come together to use their social media, photography, writing, marketing and communication skills to effectively create an online blog that positively reflects the lifestyle of the everyday PC student. Contact Meredith Pramer for more information.
  • The Providence College Entrepreneurship Society’s mission is to bring together a community composed of students, faculty, and alumni who share the Dominican ideals, while striving to create innovative ventures, that solve the problems of both today and tomorrow. This will be accomplished through the Providence College Entrepreneurship community based website. This website will utilize the expertise of the faculty and alumni, who serve as coaches and mentors, while ensuring the success of the student’s endeavors. Contact Joshua Kasper for more information.
  • The Providence College Investment Club provides an environment where students can learn about investing. Members of the club take an active role in discussions that are facilitated by board members or guest speakers. The club provides members with an opportunity to learn about basic investing terminology and strategy while members are also able to participate in mock investing games for prizes. Our goal is to reinforce principles taught in the classroom and apply them to real life situations. Contact Pat Ferguson for more information.
  • Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) is the premier honor society for institutions which have strived for and achieved accreditation through AACSB International — the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Since its founding in 1913, BGS has inducted more than 700,000 outstanding students into membership worldwide. The PCSB BGS executive board plans programs and events to foster personal and professional excellence and to advance the founding values and principles of the Society — honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, and earnestness. Contact Casey Brown or Kerry McCabe for more information.

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