Tuition & Financial Aid

_MG_0054.1Tuition and Cost of Attendance

The MBA Program requires the completion of 12 MBA courses. The current 2015-2016 tuition cost per three-credit course is $1,890. Tuition for the 2016-2017 school year, beginning fall 2016, will be $1950 per course.

MBA students who need to take required prerequisite courses may incur additional tuition and fees that will vary based on where a student decides to take the prerequisite courses.

Forms of Payment:

PC accepts tuition payments via credit card, check, in-person, and third-party. Tuition can be paid via CyberFriar with a credit card or electronic check; students have access to the CyberFriar network once being accepted into the program. If a student cannot make the payment via CyberFriar, then the student should send a check or money order (made payable to Providence College) to the Bursar’s Office at the following address:

Office of the Bursar
Harkins Hall, Room 400
Providence College
1 Cunningham Square
Providence, RI 02918-0001

Students will not be able to register until payment is received and processed by the Bursar’s Office. Students must be able to pay for classes at the time of registration. Students with financial aid should work with the Financial Aid Office or Bursar regarding payment.

Students who do not submit payment at the time of registration will be dropped for non-payment. Students dropped from a course(s) who wish to re-register will be allowed registration only on a space-available basis. Students who have been dropped for non-payment and who are re-registered will be charged a $100 re-registration fee.

Office of the Bursar

The Bursar’s Office is specifically responsible for the billing and collection of tuition and other fees associated with enrollment at the College.

For more information, please visit the Bursar’s Office page.

Third-Party Payments

Students whose tuition is paid by a third party, employers, government, or any other source must have a letter of authorization at the time of registration. Upon receipt of this authorization letter, bills will be sent to the third party. Students should inform third parties of this policy to ensure that payment is made on a timely basis so they will not be dropped from classes.

Federal Aid

Students enrolled in the MBA Program may apply for federal student aid programs available to graduate students. Students seeking financial assistance should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA should be completed at least four to six weeks before the period in which the applicant plans to enroll. Submission of a completed FAFSA to the Federal Student Aid Programs will prompt the Department of Education to issue an official Student Aid Report (SAR) to the applicant. The College will receive the SAR information electronically to determine eligibility. For additional information about financial aid options and policies, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 401-865-2286 or visit the PC Financial Aid page.

Students who have been awarded financial aid should present their award letter at registration to the MBA Office in order to confirm course payment.

Graduate Assistantships

MBA students are eligible to apply for Graduate Assistantships. Graduate Assistantships (GAs) typically work 20 hours per week in a PC office. These students receive both tuition benefits and a stipend.

Students must be officially enrolled in the MBA Program and register for at least three courses per semester to qualify. Additional online lab fees are not included by tuition remission.

Students apply for positions through the Financial Aid Office. A listing of Graduate Assistantships are available online through the Office of Human Resources.


The Program keeps tuition low and affordable. As a result, scholarships are not available.

GI Bill- Yellow Ribbon Benefits

At Providence College, contribution for each eligible GI recipient, allows for up to $2,500 per academic year in the form of a Yellow Ribbon Scholarship, for tuition. More information can be found on the Enrollment Services website.